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Interview with Marcel Danis


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One of the biggest players in Quebec politics is none other than Concordia University's own Marcel Danis. In December 2013, I had the opportunity to sit down and chat with Prof. Danis about both his personal experiences and general commentary on the current situation in Quebec. As expected, the next hour proved to be an exciting and enlightening look into to world of the reputed professor. The following is the complete interview.

* LJ: Interviewer Laurene Jardin
*MD: Interviewee, Marcel Danis

How to Vote for the "Right" Candidate


Voting for the right candidate seems simple enough. Yet, in an evergrowing economic-oriented world, political campaigns have galvanized techniques that can easily leave the everyday citizen mystified and bewildered.

Polls, segmentation and targeted messages will are delicately engineered so as to empathize with the average Jo. Indeed, in the Canadian context, parties seem to be increasingly market oriented. This begs the question how, then, should one vote for a candidate who accurately represents the citizen's interest.

Is your vote based on what your parents and friends have voted for? Do you vote for the best-looking and spoken candidate? Do you choose to follow one campaign or all of them? The following instruction set was created to help a voter with the process to follow when trying to decide on  his or her favourite party. Remember that, "one who does not vote has no right to complain" (Louis L'amour).

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