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Montreal boasts numerous boating activities that the locals and tourists alike can take partake in. Some of these opportunities require a passed boat exam and a license, but most of them do not. So you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

1. Charters

If you are itching to see Montreal with your hand at the wheel, then charters and leases are an excellent option. Montreal has numerous marinas, all along the St. Lawrence River and in other areas, where you can rent various types of boats, from small cruisers up to yachts.

2. Cruises and Tours

If you prefer someone else to do the driving, cruises and tours are excellent options. Day cruises are a particularly popular way to experience the river. There are also fishing-oriented cruises and those that focus more on the sightseeing than the boating experience.

3. Riverboats

The riverboats and ferries are a great way to experience the St. Lawrence River as well. The main difference between the riverboats and ferries is that the riverboat tours are longer and usually have additional activities available, including restaurants and casinos.

4. Sailboats

Montreal is home to some of the best sailing clubs in North America, and the area boasts numerous sailing locations as well as marinas where you can rent sailboats. Two of the most popular sailing opportunities in Montreal are the Baie d'Urfé Yacht Club and the Venture Sailing Base.

5. Kayaks
The Lachine Canal is one of the most popular boating areas in Montreal and it is a kayaking hotspot. A big reason for that popularity is the diversity of the areas. Kayakers can experience whitewater rapids, or they can take a relaxing cruise along a more a calm area of the canal.

6. Jet Boats

Jet boating is extremely popular on the St. Lawrence River and tourists have a wide range of options. They can rent the boats and drive themselves, or they can take part in high-speed chartered cruises. Many of the jet boat operations even do mock high-speed chases, and those are always very popular with the tourists.

7. Rafts

An alternative to kayaking on the Lachine Canal is rafting. The benefit of rafting is that it requires less skill and it can accommodate an entire group. Rafting is available in the calm and whitewater areas, and people come from all around each year to whitewater raft on the Lachine Canal.

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