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By: JD

Screen shot 2022-03-08 at 4.36.00 PM.pngFor those who did not get a chance to read the first interview with Dark Horse Nebula (DHN for short), it spanned across a time with a former heavy weight of organized crime and his life up till his point of criminal success. We spoke about his cruel upbringing, his adventures with women, his times in prison and his drug addiction. This follow-up interview is exactly the same with one major difference, the story continues on.

I do not claim to understand a life of crime, or what it would feel like to continue on once that life is over. Because my parents work with Prison Fellowship I've been able to hear the dark tales of a criminal life, and see the life that continues on afterward. During the interview you can hear my parents phone ringing, comments on my mother's cooking, and stories of how my parents helped DHN. I know one of the major rules of an interview is to remain unbiased, and I try to abide by this rule to the best of my ability; yet when the person you're interviewing talks about how he met your parents and the impact this had on him, it's difficult not to be personal. I apologize to any critic that may read this, professional or not, on the journalistic rules broken during this interview. All the same I'm not a journalist, I want the real story, and if the rules are broken so be it.

This is my own personal disclaimer, if I dare break another journalistic rule, and
it's not regarding the foul language, violence, sexual objectification or drug use talked about during the interview. This disclaimer regards the much more avoided topic of God, faith, and at one point the Holy Spirit. This was not put in to be disputed, debated or as propaganda, this was put in because it changed DHN from a man who would end your
life if you got in his way, to a man who wants to help the unfortunate; that's all. For those
who find it insulting that God could be aligned alongside such fowl language and behavior, all I have to say is it's hard walking a mile in criminal shoes without getting some shit on your heel, so have some grace and I hope you enjoy.


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