Sex Work Interview Athana

This questionnaire was created to find more about the perspective of people working as sex-work in light of the recent efforts to decriminalize the profession in Canada in September of 2010. It is an investigation for a school project.




At what age did you decide to begin sex-work? 

I started in the escort business I was 37 years old. 


Do you believe most sex-workers enter at an early age when they are too young to decide whether they want to participate by choice?

Most women in the industry, enter into prostitution, because of money.  Either to pay for drugs, to have luxury or simplely because they have 2 kids to feed (like me).  I don't think many women choose to be a prostitute as a career.  It's really how life pushes you to do.  I do find that young SP (service providers) do not know, how emotional and physical this business is sometimes.  They think they will came millions or catch a sugar daddy ( I had one myself) to give them a lifestyle but this business in a way, is a prison.


Why do you work in the sex trade?

For the money, for the free time I get to spend with my kids.  I have the liberty of being home when my kids come back from school and I'm there always for them.  Money can be very good, if you're smart but most girls are not.


You enjoy the work.

I do enjoy SOME clients of mine but many times, I wish I could be doing something else that brings me the lifestyle and money that I make.


You were obliged by someone else to participate in this type of work

Absolutely not!  I never worked for an agency, nor I had a pimp.  I am an independent sex worker and will never allow anyone in my business.  I do this because I choose to.  Even if younger (in my 20s, I had agencies offer me to work for them, but at that moment, I wanted a normal life)  It's still ironic that I ended up in it, anyways with life, loll.


You do it solely for the purpose of sustaining yourself financially

Yes I do it for the money.  But it does not mean that I don't let myself go with some of my clients.  Some clients that I trust, I let myself go because I like what they do to me.


What do you find most disturbing about the trade?

Being an escort is not just open your legs (sorry for the term) and get F&?%$.  It's also very emotional and stressing at time.  Most of my clients are married and are looking for something that they don't have at home.  Others are younger men that are looking for a mature women like myself.  What is disturbing is to have men that have compulsions for pedophiles or are emotionally depended.  It's really very draining at times.  I am an escort, a listener and psychologist.


The lack of security and potential violence while working

To me it,s really not a problem because I am very careful to whom I see.  I NEVER see a      gentleman without a phone number, and that guaranties me some security.


The work itself

What can be dangerous are the girls that do drugs with clients.  The put themselves in great danger for violations.  Not very responsible.


The fact that the act is illicit in society, but nevertheless a legal practice.

What is illegal is the solicitation and not the act itself but it's a thin line.  By putting out there a website, rates,services, etc.. in a way, we are solicitation our clientele.  Most police authorities, tolerate independents therefore I never had any problems with the law.  Has long as I don't have drugs, weird stuff going on, I never had problems.  Society will juge us because of this job but in my case, many people around me (family, friends, etc..) do know what I do and the reasons why I do it.  If figure...if it will change the way people see me, then they are not good for me.  I don't do anything wrong.


Disrespecting behavior towards you, because you engage in sex-work

I had a few people stop calling me or having contact with me and that's ok.  I can't force anyone to understand the reason why I do this job.  However the ones that did stay, I can count with them for life because they know the kind of person that I am and I'm just a normal soccer mom.  Even my kids know that I do this for a living (of course they don't know details about my appointments).  They respect that and know that I do this to give them a good life. But then again, this business we can get very lonely.


Would you quit if you felt you had a way out of sex-work? Why or why not?

Yes and no.  I would quit if I could make the same or more money I do now and still keep my schedule.  No because I grown close with some of my clients and would probably still see some of them on the side.


Do you think most prostitutes have pimps? Why or why not?

I don't consider agency owners pimps.  I see it, like any other job.  You have a boss, he gives you work and keep a profit (I also had agencies before.  That's where Lizzy and I met. She used to work for me).  I do consider a pimp, when the girl does not her freedom or sees any money.  Most independent SP are not pimped.  That's why they are independents.  In a way, my boss are my clients that's why I have to make sure that they are happy, if not they won't come back and see me.


Do you have a pimp or have you had one in the past? Why or why not? Never.  I do have a husband that will take care of my website and forums that I own.  Because I'm the main provider of the family, people will think that he is a pimp but this decision (being an escort) was taken has a couple.  My husband totally agrees and helps me, with the kids, when I have to see clients.  He picks them up from school, goes out with them, watches them while I'm in an outcall,'s a teamwork in a way.  I never had a pimp in my life and if ever I have someone that wants to harm my business, I will quit.


If you answered yes to the last question, please answer the next three questions.


Has the pimp treated you fairly in terms of respect of your personal space and monetary gain?


Does the pimp control what you can or cannot do as a sex-worker?


Has the pimp ever forced you to do something you don't want to do? 


Do you ever think of leaving the sex business? Why or why not?

Yes.  But to be honest, once you were in the business, you will always come back to see what's going on.  It will be in your life forever.


Do you feel you have other outlets besides working in the sex trade?

Yes.  I'm actually thinking of going back to school in September.  Being 42, I feel it's time for me, to do something else that will give me the impression for a normal life.  It's hard to answer this question:  "What do you do in life?"  I always have to lie to protect my life (specially my kids), and invent a job.  Having a normal job (with a degree) will mostly help me to have a normal job and possibly put escorting in the past.


Do you feel like the sex trade is glamorized or disregarded? How so?

It's to glamorized YES.  Movies like ...pretty women, a life of an escort, etc... are NOT reality and it gives a false image to younger girls out there.  Most clients are not the type of men that we would choose to mate with, or kiss or anything but we have to still "do" them for the money.  If I will choose only nice, young, well-shaped men, I will never work.  I have to take him even if he does not look like Richard Gere.  So yes, young girls go into this business like a game or thinking that they will find a sugar daddy.  I had a sugar daddy and it's a prison.  He will have the sense of ownership.


Do you think the criminalization of sex-work contributes to the social stigma and violence prostitutes face? How so?

I don't think legalizing protection is a good thing however decriminalizing is.  I offer a service so why should it be wrong?  However, I don't want anyone in my business or controlling my life.


What would be the advantages of the decriminalization of sex-work?

Less pression, less stress I guess.  Not many wives would like us, do loll.  Probably public view of good escorts.  Don't get me anything, they are good escorts and bad ones.  I'm one of the good ones. ;)


What are the disadvantages you foresee happening if legislation is set in place to allow legal sex-work businesses, unions, worker's benefits, and tax inclusion?

We (escorts) want to be recognized has normal women that choose to do this job.  But we don't want anyone in our business.  I once tried to many an association for independent escorts and it never worked.  Girls don't want to be unionized.  Being a business that pays cash, I would be very surprised if SPs would ever make income taxes ( I do).


Do you feel that sex-work would become more enticing for people on the outside with new legal regulations set in place?

Probably not.  Sex in general is taboo.  Many people are still very much traditional.  Even if I'm in the sex industry, I still have a husband, 2 kids, boys scotts, school activities, and even church.  It's a way of living and it's just a job for me.  Most people in society are not open minded like me or my husband and has a couple, nothing changed in our relationship.


Do you find promoting sex-work unethical or the same as regular advertisement agencies selling indirect sex to grab consumers?

No.  This is a business and has a business owner, I must put up ads, pubs to get clients. 



Do you think the public is negatively affected by sex-work? How so?

No, on the contrary.  Most men need to go see SP for many reasons.  I think I provide a nice, clean, safe envirement to my clientele.  They are at ease when they see me, because I offer them what they want.  Discretion is a major factor also.  Women (none escorts) don't like us and I can understand that but I'm not the one, that will pick her husband out on the street.  He comes to me therefore It's really not my problem what goes on in the marriage.  I'm here to provide a service not to destroy marriages.  I had clients fall in love with me but it's really not my wish.


Do you believe that laws specifying where, how, and in what manner sex-work can be practiced would help alleviate the crime problem against practitioners?

Advertising for me is really not an issue.  The problem with these laws is that everyone is in the same boat.  Independents work different then agencies or pimps.  Putting prostitution legal would open up, many doors for pimps.  I mostly prefer for things to stay like they are.  It's really not the independents that are the problem, it's more the pimps. 


Do you use drugs? If so, why?

No.  Never did, never will.  I have refused "party" clients.  I don't do that kind of service.


Do you think drug addiction is a problem for sex-workers the majority of the time?  Why or why not?

Yes it is.  Because they need a fix so they do anything for it.  It's one of the side of the business that I don't like.  Most people think that ALL escorts are drug users or F%?& in the head.  I consider myself a normal person with good family values.   It's an image that would be appreciated for the gouverment to change.  Not all escorts are in it for drugs.


Do you believe yourself to be a victim of prostitution or are comfortable with the choices you have made to sell sex?

Being in the business for 5 years now, I never got attack, insulted, robbed, violated, etc... I choose well my clientele and strongly feel that there is no amount of money worth my security.  If I feel weird on the phone about a client, I just don't take him, even if I have my rent to pay.  I prefer to lose the money then to put myself in danger.  Besides I can defend well myself, since I practice Domination, so I know men weaks points, loll.


Do you think there is a difference in the way male sex-workers are treated in comparison with female sex-workers in society? How so?

Yes.  In my opinion, it's harder for male sex-workers, since the demand is not the same like women.  It's easy for a woman to fake but not a man.   SP can have many clients a day, men not.  Besides, the income of male escorts is very low compared to female escorts.  This also goes for the porno industry.  Females are better paid then males.  I guess the ones that are looking for sex are mostly men.


Is there a difference in how transgendered or queer prostitutes of opposite sexes are treated in society? How so?

 I think male escorts are treated more badly then females.  They are often seen like F&?%$.  Because trans most time are dressed like women, society tends to treat them like weirdoes.  I know many trans. And they are very sweet.  I don't see them much different them myself.  I have clients that like to cross-dress and in their life, they are normal workingmen in society.  It's all in the sexual department (closed doors) but it does not mean that this person is bad or weird.  So yes, society is less tolerate for trans.


Do you believe the sex trade is an inevitable part of society? 

Yes.  We are a necessity.  It's the oldest job in the world, right?  I strongly believe that without us (sex workers) it would be a dangerous world.  In a way, we are like bees.  We give society a sexual balance.


How is the sex-work scene in Montreal?

Very relaxed.  Montreal is a great city to be an Escort.  Most clients are good, not to many attacks on girls and life is good.  Compared to other cities, it's safe to work in Montreal. Of course, we do have our low times (jan, feb, march) and high times (sept, oct, nov, may).  Surprising but summer is good for business.


Do you feel it is different in some ways then other cities in Canada?

I would say, safer.  Being a touring SP (Toronto, Ottawa, Edmonton, Vancouver, etc..) my favorite city to work is Montreal.


What kind of sex-work is most prevalent in Montreal?

1-Agencies  2- Independents 3- street workers 4- the rest


What do you think the public outlook in general is towards sex-workers in Montreal?

Because Montreal has a big gay community, and gay parade in the summer, I think people are more open minded in Montreal, since a few years.  They said that sex workers are best in Montreal...I have to agree.


NOTE:  I hope that I answered well these questions.  If you have more, feel free to ask.


I also, can refer to you....the husband of a sex worker.  How he see this business.


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