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Montreal, QC - March 14, 2022

Blankfest Quebec, the music charity event that has been raising awareness and clothing for Montreal's homeless and shelter the Old Brewery Mission for the last four years are proud to announce they have raised nearly 800 clothing items and $281 at this year's 5th annual winter clothing and fund raising event.

Montreal is known for having one of Canada's harshest and coldest winters, and every year it's unfortunate that those who are homeless must endure the reality of living on the street. Blankfest Quebec was founded for that reason when event organizer Jon Asher heard about the original Blankfest created by Kenn Rowell (The Baghdaddios) 17 years ago in New York City.

Taking place this past Saturday on March 9th at the Piranha Bar, the event was supported by local bands Vinyl HeroFist of Freedom, Dissension and Forbidden Sin along with support from the Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada (H.M.M.A.C).

"I'm proud and thankful for everyone's help for the Old Brewery Mission. I believe that awareness, aiding with funds and clothing items for the homeless is a necessity in our community whether it is this cause or another. I want to thank the donors who came out to support the event, the musicians, H.M.M.A.C., Piranha Bar, Frite Alors, DungeonWorks, the ladies of the Steger Residence and their donation of knitted scarves and tuques and every volunteer who helped make this a successful clothing collection and fundraiser." comments event organizer Jon Asher.

In addition to the Blankfest Quebec V, the Heavy Metal Music Association of Canada also held a fundraising brunch at Frite Alors the morning of March 9th along with a panel discussion on the topic of How Music Helps Charity & How Charity Helps Music with panelists Johanne McDonald (Executive Director - Old Brewery Mission), Jon Asher (Blankfest Quebec), Jason Rockman (Slaves On Dope, CHOM 97.7FM), Norm Zimmerman (Steve's Music Store), Ray Howard (Vinyl Hero). 

With this year's total of 796 items collected, Blankfest Quebec has approximately surpassed 3200 clothing items collected for the homeless.

This year's Blankfest Quebec saw the following clothing items donated:

  • Steger Residence knitted scarves and tuques: 332
  • Shirts: 215
  • Sweaters: 75
  • Misc: 45
  • Pants: 35
  • Jackets: 22
  • Blankets: 18
  • Bags: 13
  • Socks: 11 pairs
  • Tuques: 11
  • Scarves: 7
  • Gloves: 5
  • Skirts: 4
  • Baby Clothes: 3
  • Total: 796

About: The Old Brewery Mission Soothing homelessness. Solving homelessness.

Founded in 1889, The Old Brewery Mission is the largest resource for homeless men in Quebec and for homeless women in CanadaThis non-profit organization provides a range of services that respond to the needs of Montreal's homeless people as well as those at risk of becoming so, and endeavours to enable them to take control of their lives and assume their rightful place in the community. It is estimated that there are close to 20,000 homeless people in Montreal.

About: Blankfest Quebec is organized by Jon Asher, in collaboration with the Old Brewery Mission, and was launched after Jon read about his friend, New York City indie rock veteran Kenn Rowell of The Baghdaddios, who founded Blankfest in 1997 and has been organizing the annual blanket fundraiser in New York City for the past 17 years.

In the past, Rowell says, Blankfest NYC has raised more than 6,000 total donations that have been distributed to the homeless in the New York City area and has inspired similar efforts in New Jersey, Manhattan and Nottingham, UK. Among the many distinguished artists who have performed at past international Blank-Fests are: Rothberg (EMI), Buddy Cage (Grateful Dead), Marc Rizzo (Soulfly) and Meg Griffin (Sirius Radio).

La Voix - The Voice Montreal



The Voice is one of the many reality television shows that have followed in the footsteps of others, like American Idol and X-Factor. This show, however, prides itself on its distinct judging format. Unlike other shows, The Voice is based solely on a person's talent as opposed to their look. One of the more controversial issues most singing shows have is that they are supposed to be judging individuals on their voice alone, but, instead, find themselves judging based on star quality. This has been an issue for most, seeing as many people getting sent home were amazing singers. This is where the concept of The Voice comes in handy. They have coined their format as "The Blind Audition". Knowing that it is almost impossible to not judge someone based on look, they have come up with the brilliant idea to have four judges facing away from the talents as they audition. This allows the judges to select contestants based on voice alone. If a judge likes the voice, they press a button which spins their chair around to see what the contestant looks like. At this point, the contestant knows that they have been chosen to be on the show and as a part of the team of the judge who turned his or her chair. If two or more judges turn around, however, the contestant then gets the opportunity to choose which judge's team they wish to be a part of.

Once all the judges have finalized their teams, the contestants move on to a "Battle Phase". This phase consists of each judge pairing off their own teams into groups of two. After that, each group of two gets assigned a song. They must then practice together and sing it in front of The Voice audience and all the judges. Once, their performance is over, one gets eliminated on the spot, by their own mentor/judge - thus reducing each judge's team by half.

The "Final Phase" consists of the contestant's competing against each other in a live broadcast. At the end of each live broadcast, a voting poll is then opened for people to either call and vote for their favourite contestants or submit their votes online. The public gets the right to vote, up until the top four, where at this point they share the vote 50/50 with the judges, to ensure that one contestant from each judge's group passes on to the next round of the competition. After this point, the public re-gains full control of the voting process, until the winner is announced. The winner of The Voice gets $100,000 in cash as well as a recording contract with Universal Republic.

The concept of the show is great and it is very distinct from other talent shows that are currently on air. Like other talent shows, they have expanded and have brought their show to Quebec - "La Voix". Using the same format as the American The Voice, the French based show has four judges who are recognizable in the francophone music industry - Marie-Mai, Marc Dupre, Ariane Moffatt and Jean-Pierre Ferland. However, what most people might not know is that you have to audition for the "Blind Audition". Just like American Idols famous audition round, where thousands of people wait outside in line for an opportunity to see their dreams come true, The Voice runs a similar Audition for their show - but we don't get the opportunity to see it on T.V.

I was extremely curious to know who goes to these auditions, why they go and how it feels to be a part of the process. This next interview, should give us a behind the scenes look and feel of these un-aired auditions.

March 17 God Module|

March 28 Glen Matlock(SexPistols)+Tommy Ramone(The Ramones)

May 8 Pain of Salvation


Les Productions Dungeon Works et DeadNa présentent: 







et DJ NA

March 17th, 2013
le 17 mars, 2013
8PM / 20H00
@ Piranha Bar - 680 Ste-Catherine Ouest

13$ - 16$ portes

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Boutique Labyrinthe
Sound Central


Les Productions Dungeon Works et Piranha Bar présentent: 


GLEN MATLOCK (Sex Pistols)




March 28th, 2013
le 28 mars, 2013
8:30PM / 20H30
@ Piranha Bar - 680 Ste-Catherine Ouest

15$ - 20$ portes

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Boutique X20
Piranha Bar
Sound Central

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Revolutionary Longboards
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KING CROW (Italie)


May 8th, 2013
le 8 mai, 2013
7:00PM / 19:00
@ Foufounes Électriques - 87 St Catherine E.

25$ - 30$ doors/portes
VIP: $50

billets disponibles bientôt chez:
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Boutique Labyrinthe
Boutique Profusion
Foufounes Électriques

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