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IMG_7952[1].JPGI was lucky enough to have been invited to attend the Reverend Horton Heat show at Club Soda on January 22. I was told by a retired music critic that when you attend a concert, watching the crowd is just as important as the show. And observe the crowd, I did! I did not expect such an array of styles, from stonners to drunks, the true blood rockabillies were to be expected. From the perfectly coiffed ladies with their polko-dots outfits to the guys with their pompadour all slicked. You had those who seemed out of place such like the hipsters and the guy with the mohawk. But now on to the music part.

10 steps to surviving a trash metal concert

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Sleazy Way Out - A sleaze metal band to watch out for

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IMG_7434[1].JPGAnd you thought heavy metal of all sorts was dead and gone thanks to the rise of grunge music in the nineties? You couldn't be further from the truth! Glam metal, sleaze metal, hair metal, pop metal, those are all on the same branch of the heavy metal tree. It's also what you could say started the heavy metal trend.  It's also the most popular branch of heavy metal music with the most exposure. Glam metal had the most to lose when grunge bands started getting record deals.

Sleaze metal, what is it exactly? Sleaze metal was a born from a revival of glam metal in the nineties, some people say Sweeden is the birthplace of the genre. How would someone describe sleaze metal? It's a musical genre with roots in rock music and heavy metal. Don't call sleaze metal hair metal or you might offend someone!

We all thought grunge killed heavy metal, more precisely hair metal, back in the nineties, but lots of bands stuck around or have been reviving from the ashes of metal days.


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