Your Legacy is Calling You

by Dunia Abbas
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As one of those long afternoons spent at the library studying dragged on, I received an email from my management professor inviting me to a conference called "Youth Action Montreal - Local Change, Global Results". My first thought was to just thank her politely and return to my more pressing studies. But after reading the conference's tagline for this year "Living Your Legacy: A Youth Summit on Community Engagement", I couldn't help not clicking on the link and became interested as I read through the list of keynote speakers, which included world-renowned Canadian Environmentalist David Suzuki; the Right Honorable Michaëlle Jean; former UN special envoy for HIV/AIDS in Africa Stephen Lewis and Co-founder of Free the Children & Me to We Craig Kielburger. The website also mentioned it was going to feature successful youth projects, but I didn't give that much attention at the time.  In addition, after learning that many of my classmates were going, I decided to tag along and attend the conference.

Image: Canadian Environmentalist, David Suzuki, Flickr.

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