THE MYTH                       

I will only be able to eat certain produce items for a few weeks/months a year.

THE REALITY                       

This is one myth that isn't far off from the truth. Let's break it down. Is a slice of watermelon in the thick of winter all that appealing? If watermelon in January means it lacks the taste and look of watermelon in July, then why not profit from the uncompromising fruit that is in season in January? Seasonal fruits and vegetables hold the most nutritional value, and more importantly, taste their very best.

The wide variety of seasonal produce at the market gives you the opportunity to expand your options and to learn about the fresh food your province is able to produce 12 months a year. Your local market provides the best according to the season. We don't have a need for Christmas trees in July, but come December, your market will have them available. The same principle is applied to fresh produce.

Discovering seasonal produce can seem intimidating. A defining characteristic of shopping local is how close you can get to information about the food you purchase. Connect with your vendor - ask questions about your food. Get inside information about the food you buy that you would never otherwise receive from a grocery store clerk. Montreal Gazette columnist, Susan Semenak says it best: "How to shop at the market: Come with an appetite but leave the grocery list at home. Get lost. Ask questions. What does that taste like? How do you cook this? Let the season set the menu". Semenak has taken her market inspirations and recipes and shared them in her cookbook, Market Chronicles. Want to get a glimpse into a local's perspective on the market? Read more about Susan Semenak here.


Even food goes out of season you can still preserve many fruits and vegetables. From August to October, harvesting many of your summer favorites can help you to enjoy fresh food in the winter months. Every year Quebec farmers roll in bushel's of tomatoes for preservation. Even if you have never preserved vegetables before, a conversation with your vendor will educate you on how easy and inexpensive it is to begin. Take the time to freeze fresh corn kernels, berries, peas, brussel sprouts, beans, peaches, pineapples, even herbs like parsley and cilantro. Engage your vendor; have a produce item in mind to preserve? - Ask your vendor. Find out how to get started. This method allows you to enjoy seasonal produce while also having your spring/summer favorites on hand if needed.

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