You can't get locally grown, fresh produce all year round.


You can! The Jean Talon Market makes it easy for you to enjoy fresh produce all 12 months of the year. Use this basic Seasonal Chart provided by the Jean Talon Market website to give you an idea of the fruits and vegetables that are in season. You can be sure that if a particular produce item is in season, the market will have it available to you. In addition, use this complete chart to familiarize yourself with seasonal produce. Buying seasonally available produce also means that you can broaden your food options. From greens to root vegetables and berries to apples, season to season, your market offers you the freshest, locally grown produce.

Opening yourself up to a wide variety of colorful, quality produce is important to the health of your body. When produce is in season, you are getting the most in nutrients and the best quality from your produce. Grocery stores will always have mounds of fruits and vegetables all year round, but think about the quality of some of the produce you buy throughout the year. Does the produce ever look and taste like it has been sitting there forever? Attaining a healthier attitude toward importing produce versus local produce will help you to make better food choices. Get further informed by reading here.


When you support local farming, you make firsthand decisions about the environment and your local economy. Importing produce that your province can provide you with costs you more to put food on the table. Learn more about this issue by reading this backgrounder.

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